Why We’re Called The Treasure Coast

Central Coast Realty LLC main office is located in the heart of Florida’s Treasure Coast. Fort Pierce is within Martin County: to our north is Indian River County and south is St. Lucie County. These 3 counties are located in mid- to south east coastal Florida and  comprise the “Treasure Coast.”

Visitors and even residents mistakenly think the nickname refers to the fact that our slice of paradise is Florida’s Treasure. After all, we sport much of the most gorgeous mid-atlantic coast of FL 

The real origin of the name refers to the Spanish Treasure Fleet lost in a 1715 hurricane. Only a portion of the Fleet has been found, and locals will be happy to tell you that there’s plenty of treasure left to be discovered.

If you’ve ever wanted to try that metal detector on the beach, the Treasure Coast is a perfect place to start.

There are places to rent metal detectors, or you can bring your own. A guide to metal detecting can be found here. 

In 1715, Spain was quickly becoming the richest country in Europe thanks to the riches found in Mexico. These riches had to be transported to Spain, though, and at the time, Pirates of The Caribbean were a genuine threat. Spanish sailors figured out that travelling in fleets gave them safety in numbers. In July 1715, the Spanish Plate Fleet of 12 ships set out from Cuba.

On the 30th day of July, only a few miles from Florida’s shore, the fleet was overtaken by a massive hurricane. Eleven of the twelve ships were torn apart and sunk along a forty-mile stretch of our reefs and beaches. Gold, silver and jewels valued at several millions of dollars (in today’s money) was scattered across the sea bed.

In the following 5 years, only one of the twelve ships and a fraction of the sunken treasure was salvaged.  

Six to seven wrecks and millions of dollars of treasure have been recovered over the last sixty years. To this day, Spanish coins and other artifacts are still being discovered by divers and beachcombers along The Treasure Coast.

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